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Kathrin Herfurth-Selinder och Sven-Erik Selinder

Reduce the gap

Advertising that makes a difference is based on knowledge of the recipient. If we want to be heard, we must learn to listen and to understand. And this is truer than ever in a world that is increasingly influenced by corporate social responsibility (CSR) and controlled by social flows in digital media.

New business opportunities

Regardless of whether it’s a fast-moving product with a relatively simple purchasing process or a more complex service in a regulated market, we help you to achieve results.

Life Science is one example where the creation of trust and relationship-building activities are decisive. We’ve been working for many years in the field of medical technology, where an understanding of our clients’ customers and the ecosystems in which they operate is necessary in order to maximise the outcome.

A presence that makes a difference

In the food and retail sectors, purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by social media, although most consumers still don’t make up their mind until they’re in the shop. This demands an integrated work method with a blend of relationship-building activities and an active in-store presence.

Our work in the fields of food, sport, construction products and white goods, both national and international, has given us extensive experience of creating a selling presence that makes a difference.

Resources with a Nordic focus

The people behind Pluto are Kathrin Herfurth-Selinder and Sven-Erik Selinder. We started the company in 1992, and down the years we have collaborated with clients in lots of sectors, both nationally and internationally. We are now a network-based agency with colleagues in Karlstad, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Right competence and dynamism

Depending on the assignment, we put together workgroups with appropriate competence, as well as Advisory Boards, i.e. competence-based groups that can give you valuable insight and serve as a sounding board every now and then.